We’re back! / Wir sind wieder da!

Hey y’all! After a two week summer recess we are opening again on Monday (tomorrow) August 24th! We are refreshed and hope you are too. Come enjoy some delicious baked goods, lunch, iced coffee or espresso drinks outside on lovely Malplaquetstrasse.

Hope to see you soon!

Wir sind ab Morgen wieder da! Nach unserem Sommerpause sind wir wieder eifrig eure Gaumen Freude zu machen. Geniesst ein Kuchen, Iced Kaffee oder Espresso Getränk, Mittags draussen auf die schone Malplaquetstrasse.

Bis dann!


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May 1 and May 3/ Mai 1 und Mai 3

Hello Friends. We will be open tomorrow May 1 as you might expect and because it is a holiday we will be serving up our weekend breakfast specials. That means 3 days of breaking fast possibilities. How great is that?!?!?

Now about May 3…we will be one of the 3 food stands at the first Wedding Markt (weddingmarkt.wordpress.com) event this Sunday, May 3. Hooray! Come check out lots of art, crafts and other good things brought to you be fellow Weddingites and other Berliners. It should prove to be lots of fun, with over 60 vendors!!!!! Come on by!





Hallo Freunde!! Wir haben morgen, am 1 ten. Mai. Und weil es ein Feiertag ist, bieten wir Frühstuck an! Yippee! Das heisst drei Möglichkeiten dieses Wochenende bei uns zu frühstücken.

May 3 findet den ersten Wedding Markt 2015 (weddingmarkt.wordpress.comstatt. Wir sind dabei. Mit über 60 stände mit Kunst, selbsgestalteten Produkten von Weddinger/in und Berliner/in es lohnt sich vorbei zu schauen. Wir hoffen euch zu sehen.

Bis bald!!

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Easter Weekend/Ostern Wochenende

Hello fans of TassenKuchen,

We wanted to wish you a happy upcoming Easter Weekend and let you know that we will be closed Saturday and Sunday, April 4th and 5th. We will be open this Friday, April 3 and Monday, April 6th as usual, but because they are holidays we will be serving  all our Breakfast specialties. Yeah!

We would like to let you know of a special event taking place in Tiergarten on Easter Sunday….an Easter Egg Hunt put together by our (new) friends at NPR Berlin. We have donated a few prizes which will be inside Easter Eggs hidden somewhere in Tiergarten. For all the info you need listen to NPR this week and check out there Facebook page:


Bildergebnis für easter egg hunt

So come on down, hunt some eggs and you might even win a prize….and if you are really lucky it will be one from us!  ; )

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Valentine’s Day/Valentinstag

Someone special in your life you would like to treat to something special? Come on in to TassenKuchen and pick up a Valentine’s appropriate Cupcake surprise. Surprise cuz I still haven’t settled on what I am going to bake yet, but it will look like something you should give to someone special on Valentine’s Day. Get the point? It could look like one pictured below or completely different. You will only find out on Saturday. Go ahead, make someone smile from inside out!

VD cc 1                         VDcc2                         vdcc3

Gibt’s jemanden besonderen in Deinem Leben? Vielleicht willst du Sie/Ihn mit einem besonderem Valentinsgebäck glücklich machen. Ich weiss noch nicht was ich backen werde, aber es wird entsprechend passend sein, Deine Liebe zu zeigen! Es könnte wie oben aussehen oder komplett anders. Ihr könnt es Samstag heraus finden.                   Bringt jemanden zu lächeln. Liebe geht doch durch den Magen!

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Reopening Wednesday, Jan 14 / Wieder Auf Mittwoch, Jan 14te

Hello Loyal and Patient Friends,

After a long, and much needed, holiday break we will be open again this coming Wednesday, January 14th. We hope you all enjoyed the holidays and got to spend some time with family and friends. We look forward to seeing all your familiar faces again soon. Until then….


Liebe Freunde,

Nach einer langen und sehr gebrauchten Pause machen wir wieder ab diesen Mittwoch den 14ten Januar auf. Wir hoffen ihr habt schöne Feiertage gehabt, mit Familie und Freunden. Wir freuen uns Euch wieder zu sehen. Bis bald…

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Dear Friends,

Tomorrow (or today if are reading this tomorrow, huh?) …anyway, Monday, November 10th marks three (3) years of Tassenkuchen!!! We are very pleased at all the wonderful responses we have had over those years to our cupcakes, pancakes, blondies, scones, tarts, whoopie pies, cinnamon rolls, brownies (i think the best in Berlin, and i am not the only one) etc, etc.

We chose to open on beautiful Malplaquetstrasse in Wedding because we live there, love our neighborhood, and it needed something special, we thought. And you have told us with your loyal patronage and words that we are, in deed, special. Thank you.

Since we opened on a grey fall morning 3 years ago much has happened in and around our little “keiz café”. The events seem too many to list but here area some highlights:

  • Sugar High features our All-You-Can Eat Pancake Breakfast on Sundays and the café bulges at the seams with hipsters/scenesters the following weekends.
  • We got listed as the #3 “thing to do” in Berlin in a Swedish travel magazine.
  • We were asked to offer a prize for a Radio Eins quiz show Die Volle Packung Kultur.
  • Paul appeared on “Sweet and Easy” with Enie van de Meiklokjes and presented Blondies to the viewing audience.
  • We were included in Zitty‘s Tisch und Taffel “Best restaurants, Bars and Cafés in Berlin“ guide, 2013.
  • We made a splash at Bite Club in Treptow on a few occasions.
  • RBB featrued TassenKuchen on its ZIBB show.
  • We delivered 400 mini cupcakes, each with the word WORK on them for a “Google for Work” tradeshow.


In addition we would like to thank all the blogs that have mentioned and recommended us to all their readers. Thank you for your support.

Tell me what you think!

sweet and sticky...like a southern spring morning

But most of all we would like to thank all our stalwart patrons, regulars and fans who keep returning and sharing the love. It is always nice to see a familiar, friendly face and be able to attach a name to it. There are even have a few kids who are growing up in TassenKuchen. (No, not our own.) All of you are the reason we chose to open in Wedding….and we are glad we did.

So come in Monday, November 10 and have a cupcake on the house! We”ll be happy to see you!!

black forest/schwarzwalder cupcakes with a real, live cherry and custard on top!

chocolate UFOs known as Whoopie Pies, land at TK

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Reading from the HoBbit/Der hObBit vorgelesen

Hello dear friends,

We are proud to present Anja Schillhaneck reading for your pleasure from the much beloved book The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. Tomorrow night, TuesdaySeptember 23, from 7 pm to 8 pm. Join us, relax with a coffee, beer or glass of wine. It is sure to be an engaging evening filled with the tale of the wild exploits of our fuzzy toed friend, Bilbo Baggins.

480px-~Hobbit_$Bilbo_Baggins_YouTube@Mikdoo1Anja Schillhaneck

Anja                        v.                        Bilbo



Liebe Freunde,

Morgen, Dienstag den 23ten September freuen wir uns Anja Schillhaneck liest aus Der Hobbit zu präsentieren. Der Spaß beginnt um 19 Uhr und läuft ungefähr eine Stunde. Komm vorbei, entspanne dich mit einem leckeren Kaffee, Bier oder ein Glas Wein und erlebe die Abenteuer von Bilbo Baggins mit.

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